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If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or on your property, the following information will help you understand what's happening and why: 

It’s actually all about energy.  Every living being requires energy to survive.  When we are living in a body on this earth we receive our energy from the sun.  Our food grows in the sun and we eat it to sustain ourselves.  When we no longer have a body we use another energy source.  I will refer to this energy source as “the light.”  When the body dies our spirit (that part of us that lives on) must relearn to get its energy directly from the light again.  Unfortunately there are some spirits that cannot or will not make this transition.  There are many unique reasons why this happens.

When we are living in a body we live by the rules of life on earth (i.e. gravity).  When we no longer have a body, we once again live by the rules of spirit (i.e. non-interference).  The spirits that do not get their energy from the light also do not remember the rules of spirit.  This is the reason they come into conflict with those of us who are still living in a body.  For simplicity I will use the term earth-bound spirit (EBS) to refer to those spirits who are no longer living in a body and have not transitioned. 

Earth-Bound Spirits are desperately in need of energy.  Since they no longer have the ability to get energy from the sun they usually choose the next most obvious source and that is us.  There are two ways that an EBS can get energy from us.  The first way is to convince us to willingly (albeit unconsciously) give it.  Usually this is done by attaching themselves directly to our energy field (picture an extension cord from your house to your neighbor’s).  The second way is by coercion.  Usually this is done by fear and intimidation.  When we are in fear we are in effect giving our energy away.  Either way, your energy is depleted, and this may cause harm to your body and mind.  

If you are giving away your energy, you may experience “memories” that are not your own.  You may have sleepless nights, frightening dreams (more often than normal), and in extreme cases depression, anxiety, mental health issues, unexplained chronic pain or illness.  

It is important to understand that not all spirits are EBS.  There are often spirits living among us who get their energy from the light and do live by the rules of spirit.  I use the term “crossed-over spirit” to refer to these spirits.  They may try to get our attention and this may frighten us, but this is an attempt to communicate and causes no real harm. 

If you want our help... We will determine if you have spirits living in your home and what type they are.  All EBS will be removed and we will give you information to assist you in keeping your space clear moving forward.  See contact info below...