Engaging with your Spirit will revitalize your energy field and strengthen your resolve to express your true self.

great grandfather's stroke
  • At age 11, I was guided by Spirit to do a very simple healing ritual for my great-grandfather who was in hospital following a stroke.  
  • I later learned that, about the time I was performing the healing ritual, he had briefly regained consciousness long enough to have one last conversation with his son.

Guiding lost spirits, who may have become trapped in your home or yard, into the light.  Don't wait for it to get worse!  Call now. 

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Sherri Conroy, the Shaman Lady, has spent her life engaging in loving relationships with the spirits of land, plants, animals, stones, trees, people and unseen beings. She has been trained by these divine beings to restore "right relations" between the seen and unseen worlds. Using her skills and her compassion, Sherri guides the dying back to their home in spirit, heals wounded hearts, rescues lost spirits, and reunites you with your loved ones.

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Connecting with great-grandmother
  • I was washing laundry one day several years after my great-grandmother's passing when I noticed her smell. It wasn't a perfume, but rather the smell of her body like you would find on someone's clothing after it's been worn. In my mind I said "Grandma?" and I heard/felt her say "I just thought I'd check in on you." We exchanged I love yous and then she was gone. 
  • I mentioned this to my cousin who confirmed that she, too, had had a visit from our great-grandmother.

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Spirit rescue
  • Shortly after her passing I was guided by Spirit to locate my grandmother.  I discovered her sitting in a grey fog. She was alone and would not respond to me. I called to my spirit guide for assistance and placed her hand into his. He took her into the light. Full story available on my blog "Psychopomp" 
  • I later learned that some people have trouble making it home after they pass from the physical world into the spirit world. This happens more often than I'd ever imagined.

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